Faith Forward Financial Vision

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Our Faith Forward plan was developed by a team of Soma Church members.  This team's commission was to cast vision for the future financial health of our church.  The team identified three specific areas of financial need to support the ministry growth of our church.

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Hire Pastoral / Administration staff
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Save for expansion of current facility
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Additional principal payment for debt relief

Fundraising Vision 

$750,000 total

$200,000 for additional staff

$250,000 for expansion of facility

Flaticon 3004465

Hire Pastoral/Administration staff as determined by Lead Pastor and Elders.


Over 5 years, this totals $40,000 a year

These dollars will be transferred to other items in vision as church grows and current budget can absorb staff increase.  We will raise half of staff salary in savings before hire.

Save for expansion of current facility


Replacement/move mobile units

Expand sanctuary/replacement of offices

Fellowship/Small Group meeting space

These dollars will be put in savings providing a cash reserve for expansion.

Flaticon 3657120
Flaticon 1029879

Additional principal payment on current loan for debt relief.


Pay off Debt!

$300,000 in 5 years toward principal would equal ~ 566,000 in total principal payment including current payment cutting our current debt in half

This does not include interest saved!!

Where do we begin?


Tithe and Offering

Monthly Commitment

Yearly Commitment