Lead them out!

Lead them out

This morning I read a post by my Brother-in-law, Mike Rester about John 8:31-32  "If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."  His encouragement is that we have the keys to loose those who are bound.  I agree!  The truth of Jesus will set anyone free.  Abide in His word, become His disciples, then look around.  There are folks bound by their surroundings.  Bound by their fleshly/worldly perspective.  We may find a mirror and see that we are bound.  Jesus, by the power of His Spirit is the only unlocking power to their chains, to our chains.  We may be the only Life they experience.  Allow the Holy Spirit to live in you and through you!  Not only will we be free, but they will be free as well!  We may never know what God is doing each and every moment to free someone with the power of the Truth that is in us.  Live the Truth, live it outloud, so we can be free.